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I have craft things in a few places on the web. Where to find it all:


Almost everything I’ve made out of yarn since around the beginning of the ravelry beta and some things from before that can be found on my ravelry project page You need a ravelry account to view that page, but if you’re at all interested in knitting or crocheting you probably already have one (or really should get one.) Or you can access some of them from here:

If you have JavaScript enabled, some of my favorite projects that I've done will appear here in a moment.

More examples: amigurumi, math, some other geekery, socks etc.


Information about patterns for things I’ve designed can be found here

Combination Knitting

I am a combination knitter and have written some things possibly useful for beginning combination knitters here

I can be reached via email at cayennes@gmail.com.